Garnier stars at Australian Open 2019

Garnier returned to the Australian Open this year after a 10-year-hiatus and was looking to offer a completely different consumer experience.

Garnier was returning to sponsor the Australian Open after a 10 year hiatus, launching their new brand positioning By Garnier Naturally

Bastion EBA was tasked with bringing to life a nature inspired experience, that demonstrated Garnier’s commitment to sustainability and showcased four key Garnier products.

Working collaboratively with Bastion State, the Bastion Collective’s creative agency, and after weeks of ideation, insight gathering and concept testing, Bastion EBA created the unique and immersive ‘Nature’s Playground’: a space that brought to life the master brand, delivered important sustainability messaging throughout the consumer journey, and allowed the imagination to run wild. 

Around each corner a new experience was to be discovered including a ball pit made from recycled plastic, hedge mazes, a sunflower slide and a seesaw propelling Fructis scented bubbles; all driving social engagement with the brand and the target millennial audience. 

The campaign results exceeded sampling targets by 131%, with over 44,000 patrons visiting the Garnier activation over the two weeks of the AO.


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