Lancome: Elevating the shopper experience

We designed and built a bespoke customer experience for Lancome to immerse their customers.

Lancome was celebrating the renovation of its most iconic product “Genfique” by taking over the David Jones Dome Site at Chadstone Shopping Centre during August 2019.

We were tasked to conceptualise a stand out multifaceted experience that delivered consumer education, unique experiential moments and retail opportunities, with an open and welcoming layout and clearly considered customer journey.

How do we build a customer experience that enhances the consumers’ shopping experience at Chadstone Shopping Centre and create a circular space that invites consumers to positively engage with the brand?

We embraced our key pillars of effective brand experiences…

Surprising… leading to engagement.

Ownable … leading to distinction. 

Cohesive… leading to equity. 

Loveable.. Leading to advocacy. 

We designed and built a bespoke customer experience that immersed consumers in the Lancome universe… and took them on a seamless journey of discovery, to trial, to purchase. Consumers were able to trial products, receive onsite guidance from Genfique experts, win special offers to redeem against products, photo opportunities and state of the art build elements including an LED entrance tunnel in the shape of the Genifque bottle.


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