Reebok Nano X Launch with AR

Launching the Nano X for Reebok in a new ‘at-home’ environment using Augmented Reality and Instagram Live.

Reebok were preparing to launch their new training shoe, the Nano X, but we were in a world where nobody was stepping outside to try on shoes. We needed to build hype and provide access to the shoe once it dropped in this new ‘at-home’ environment. 

Bastion EBA helped create an integrated campaign for Reebok across digital channels.

This commenced with ‘Reebok eCommunity’ live sessions with key ambassadors and athletes broadcast across Facebook and Instagram, a launch competition to be the first to get access to the shoe, and a cutting edge integration into a virtual try-on mobile app, Wanna Kicks, allowing the audience to try the shoe on from the comfort of their home. 

This activity has allowed Reebok to build significant hype for the new shoe, have a sustained presence on a platform which capitalises on the new world of retail, whilst enabling the brand to drive innovation and growth of their e-commerce channels.

4.4K eCommunity views
3.6K Virtual try ons
2.5M Impressions


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