Driving Cut-Through for Nissan

Nissan needed to build equity in its masterbrand and differentiate itself from the competition.

We found Nissan a vehicle to drive an emotional connection with mums and families.

Australians recognise and love Nissan’s model lines: X-Trail, Navaras and Patrols; however in a cluttered and competitive auto category, Nissan needed to build equity in its master brand and differentiate from the competition.

Building Nissan’s strategy, we recognised the role of sponsorship to generate passion for the brand, by making Nissan stand for something in the minds of consumers and represent more than just cars. So, we analysed every sponsorship property in the country to find something that Aussies love, Nissan could own and was a passion point for its target audience. The answer was Netball.

Negotiating exclusivity and protection from all other autos across Suncorp Super Netball, the Australian Diamonds, Channel Nine’s broadcast, Telstra‚Äôs digital streaming and key state bodies, we delivered Nissan ownership of the entire Netball ecosystem from the grassroots to the elite, and with it, an award-winning partnership.

Now responsible for the management of the partnership, Bastion EBA has assisted Nissan to establish themselves as a brand with which audiences have an emotional connection.


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