Launching our new tool, ImpactID

ImpactID is born from over 10 years of working with brands and rights holders.


Emily Clark


Launching our new tool, ImpactID

Bastion EBA have just launched a new proprietary tool, ImpactIDTM that supports brands to get more from their partnerships, saving time in analysis and renewals, allowing for more to be invested into the creative and emotional elements.

Bastion EBA’s Commercial Strategy Director, Nick Sloman, explains that ImpactID is born from over 10 years of working with brands and rights holders in commercial strategy and partnership acquisition and comes during a time where there is a renewed confidence from brands in the sponsorship space. 

Sloman said: “We are finding that a lot of brands want to step into the space in order to drive greater business growth, instead of a pure awareness play”.

To help drive this business growth, ImpactID combines three distinct elements that set the foundation for maximising partnership investments: the alignment of objectives, the value of rights and benefits and the effectiveness of these assets for the sponsor.

A wealth of industry data and research, supported by human insight from experts in the field, combines to identify insights that help guide brands’ partnership investments and maximise the return.

Sloman said, “In its most simple form, the ImpactIDTM process makes it easy to see where you’re having success and where there are opportunities to improve, ensuring all efforts to optimise are backed up by data and human insights”.

To find out more, reach out to our team for a chat.

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